WIDMANN 80/90 m. sportinis kostiumas / apranga, mėlyna, rožinė ir violetinė, švarkas ir kelnės, diskoteka, bėgimo kostiumas, retro stilius, blogo skonio vakarėlis, karnavalas, helovinas

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Do you want to appear as a real African dictator at the next fancy dress party,Then this costume from Widmann is just the thing for you,. With wig, gadaffi hat and the plastic machine gun, you look like a real little dictator,. The other party guests will RPA2 0232023 Also suitable for theme and theme parties,–




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They are still looking for the right costume for the next party, then this set is just right. It comes in size S,M,L,XL,,XXL and includes a jacket and pants in blue, purple and pink. With a few matching accessories, you will be the eye-catcher at every motto or carnival party. The company Widmann stands for high-quality costumes, unusual accessories and decorative stationary. Whether a scary mask for Halloween, a complete carnival outfit or the matching hat for the next themed party – in the huge assortment of Widmann, everyone is guaranteed to find something for the next event.